Study Habits Evaluation

The brief checklist below may be of help to you. It has been used with groups of students to help them discover what they could do to help themselves improve study habits. Investigations revealed that many students who attended their classes, wrote down all assignments, and knew what would be on the tests, were not able to realize how they were causing their own failures. These students did not usually study outside of class, did not review, did not prepare in a special way for tests, and did not study what they got wrong on quizzes and tests. After doing the following self-evaluation, it became clear to the students what needed to be changed. With help from teachers and counselors inefficient study habits can be changed once they are discovered. See what you can learn about your study habits. If you have many checks in the "almost never" or "less than half the time" columns, you will need to modify some of your study habits.

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