Frequently Asked Questions

What is Early Alert?

Early Alert is a retention tool used by WPUNJ to identify students who are performing poorly in a course. The professor logs on to the program and selects which students are experiencing difficulties in a course. The program notifies the student, their advisor, as well as the Coordinator for Academic Progress. At this point everyone connected to the student follows up in order to get them back on track.

Who can be placed on Early Alert?

Any student on your class roster can be placed on Early Alert. Those students that are performing poorly based on quizzes, tests, exams, papers, or behavior should be placed on Early Alert. Special attention should be given to students that have accumulated more than two absences.

When should a student be placed?

Immediately. If you feel a student is at risk for failing or is struggling with the course please do not hesitate in doing so. The earlier the student receives support the sooner they can get back on track.

Who will follow up with the student?

If the student is connected to a specific program their cohort manager will follow up. Their major advisor will also be notified and may provide follow up. The Coordinator of Academic Progress will also follow up and be available throughout the entire process.

What is the role of the academic major advisor and what should I be doing?

Major and/or program advisors are encouraged to follow up with their advisees. Ask them what may have led to the Alert. Do not hesitate in contacting the student. A quick email or phone call is all it may take to get the student's attention. Feel free to work with your advisee in developing an academic plan to resolve any issues they may be facing. You may also call Luis Escobar 973-720-3151 if you have any questions or concerns about your role in the process.

If I have any questions who may I contact?

You may contact Luis Escobar, Coordinator of Academic Progress located in Raubinger Hall Lower Level 014 – 973-720-3151

Contact Information:

Luis Escobar
Raubinger Hall Lower Level 014

Click Here to Add a Student to Early Alert.