Posting of Promotional Materials

As the hub of campus life, the University Commons is a great location to promote your next event, job opportunities, and more! Below you will find the University’s posting policies, bulletin board locations, and contact information for our University Commons Operations marketing assistant.

University Commons Posting Contact Information
The UC Operations marketing assistant is here to help with any marketing questions you might have. Reach out to and someone will respond within three business days.

The purpose of this policy is to establish optimal opportunities for promoting campus organizations and events; to ensure that authorized publicity, including commercial advertising, does not detract from the safety or attractiveness of the University Commons; to restrict unauthorized publicity; to help reduce waste; and to increase the effectiveness of campus postings. 

Student Organizations 

  • The Office of Campus Activities, Service & Leadership (CASL) must approve and stamp all promotional materials publicizing events or activities sponsored by recognized student organizations that are posted in the University Commons.   
  • All events sponsored by Student Government Association clubs and organizations, including SAPB and Greek Senate, must be approved by Campus Activities, Service and Leadership staff prior to advertising. 

 University Departments 

  • University Commons Operations must stamp all promotional materials publicizing events or activities by University offices and departments that are posted in the University Commons. 

 External Groups 

  • University Commons Operations must stamp all promotional materials publicizing events or activities by external groups that are posted in the University Commons. 
  • Advertisements by outside agencies may only be posted in the appropriately designated location within the University Commons, and shall be handled through the University Commons Information Desk.  External organizations are limited to one flyer per bulletin board, which must be posted on a bulletin board within the University Commons.  
  • Additional flyers or locations for posting can be approved on a case-by-case basis (e.g. for external rentals and Pioneer Express Merchants). 

 General Posting Policies 

  • All materials must be approved by the designated office and have an original authorization stamp (photocopies of stamp are prohibited). Posting materials that do not bear the proper authorization stamp will be subject to removal.  
  • Materials will be stamped for a maximum of two (2) weeks through the day of the activity. 
  • Groups are permitted to place one item per event on each bulletin board.  Size may not exceed 11” x 17” unless authorized by University Commons Operations or Campus Activities, Service and Leadership.  
  • Posting of flyers, leaflets, signs and all other promotional materials is limited to designated bulletin boards.  Materials are not permitted on reserved departmental bulletin boards, doors, lounge furniture, dining areas, vending machines, windows, walls and glass surfaces or anywhere on the exterior of buildings, including cars, trees, etc. 
  • Only the use of thumbtacks or pushpins are permitted.  Use of tape and staples is not permitted on any surface. 
  • Postings must include start & end times and dates of events along with sponsoring group’s name. 
  • Materials are to be removed by the sponsoring group immediately after the event on the same day.   
  • Posting materials on top of other authorized items is prohibited and will result in removal of unauthorized posting.   
  • All materials must include the full name of the sponsor(s) written/translated in English. 
  • Materials with any reference to alcoholic events or establishments will not be approved for posting. The policy reinforces the University policy of prohibiting the advertisement of alcoholic events (see the Student Handbook for more information). 
  • Students, faculty and staff are asked to consider the diverse values, opinions and beliefs of the University community and prepare their materials with sensitivity toward that diversity. Postings will not be approved that: 
    • endanger the health or safety of an individual or group;  
    • utilize sexually explicit or obscene material;  
    • violate the New Jersey Criminal Statute on Harassment, which states communications may not be in “offensively coarse language, or any other manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm;”  
    • promote activity or content that would be a violation of the William Paterson Student Conduct Code, Title IX Policy, Student Organization Policies and Procedures, or other University policies. 
  • Statements contained in stamped posting materials do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Campus Activities, Service and Leadership, University Commons Operations, or the University 

          Bulletin Boards.jpg

          Approved promotional material can be posted at the following locations in the University Commons after an approval stamp is received:

          • Bulletin Board Locations
            • Student Center Ground Floor
              • 1 bulletin board next to the Campus Bookstore
              • 3 bulletin boards next to the arcade/entertainment center
            • Student Center 2nd Floor
              • 1 bulletin board next to 217
              • 1 bulletin board next to 218
            • Student Center 3rd Floor
              • 2 bulletin boards next to 319B
              • 1 bulletin board next to 324
              • 1 bulletin board next to 329A
              • 1 bulletin board next to 330
            • Speert Hall 1st Floor
              • 1 bulletin board in the main hallway