Equity and Diversity Definitions

Equity & Inclusion Statement

William Paterson University strives to be welcoming and inclusive of our diverse community in which differences among people are embraced. Our university is committed to the pursuit of our core values of community, inclusion, equity, and justice in every area of campus life. We believe these core values enrich the educational and work experience of our community members, which are necessary for all students, faculty, administration, staff, and alumni to thrive personally and professionally and take part in efforts to create equitable and just communities.

Social Justice

Social justice is the process of creating and sustaining inclusive, equitable and accessible structures and systems that fosters a sense of belonging for members of society with a specific focus on those from historically marginalized backgrounds.


Belonging is where faculty, staff and students experience being accepted, valued, included, supported, and respected by others, and have authentic connections to the university community.


Decolonization is the process of identifying, confronting, and deconstructing power structures to actively prioritize historically marginalized members and groups in society.