Room Selection Process

Current residents living on campus spring semester 2017 will sign into a new portal -MyResCenter to complete the housing contract. Get there by logging into WP Connect>Campus Life>Residence Life-MyResCenter. 

Follow the prompts to complete your housing contract. Answer all required fields. Select your roommate/suite mates by providing their full name and university email. It is recommended that you submit the required $150.00 non-refundable deposit electronically by following the links below. If you have $150.00 cash for the payment, you may also pay your deposit to the Student Enrollment Services Office, Morrison Hall. This does take longer to post to your account, so please advise the Residence Life Office in White Hall if you are paying a cash deposit to the other office.


In the new process, all current residents who have submitted the Housing Contract in the portal by March 14th will receive a random lottery number, with seniors getting the best numbers, then juniors, sophomores, freshmen. Depending on what type of housing you apply for (apartment, full suite, double room, choosing a space in a suite, or lottery for a single room), you will be assigned a specific time frame your group, or you alone, will be able to access lottery selection. You will confirm roommates in MyResCenter before you access the lottery selection and choose your room. It is necessary for all residents to pay their housing deposit in advance in order to be confirmed as a roommate in MyResCenter. If roommate/suite mates are not confirmed because a housing contract has not been completed or one person in your group does not pay a deposit, you will be blocked from completing your selection online. If this happens to your group, you will be given a new access time later in lottery selection. During your access time, the person in your group with the best lottery # can log into MyResCenter and choose a room/suite for the entire group as long as all conditions as stated above are met. Other members of your group will see the room/suite selected as confirmed, by logging into MyResCenter under their user name.

If you are requesting a commuter student to join housing or requesting a new transfer applying to WPU for fall term, as part of your selection, the new student to housing should submit the Housing Contract from the Residence Life web page: Prospective Students>Apply for Housing. A non-refundable $150.00 Housing Deposit is also required by this person to be confirmed as a roommate. New transfer students must be accepted to the University to have the housing contract be valid. New freshmen applicants to the University cannot be requested into continuing student housing and are assigned to specific freshmen residence halls.

Follow the Room Selection calendar timeline provided here: Online Room Selection Calendar 2017

Pay your $150.00 non-refundable housing deposit here- 

More information regarding Room Selection (for current residents in housing spring semester renewing for housing for the fall 2017 term) is available in each residence hall on community bulletin boards.  Each resident will also be receiving email updates regarding Room Selection. Please contact your Resident Director of your residence hall or contact the central Residence Life Office, White Hall, at 397-720-2714. Also

Need to browse for a new roommate or suite/mates? Residence Life is providing access to RoomSync, a roommate-matching app through Facebook, for our returning students, commuters, and new transfer students. Use this link to join. Passcode if needed is: 42175

Watch the videos to learn more about RoomSync, here and here

RoomSync, the Roommate Matching App, is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or above, as well as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 

Housing Accommodations for Disabled Students

The University has available living accommodations for students presenting with physical disabilities. All students, however, must be able to reside independently in these facilities; that is, be able to do their own dressing, self-care, cleaning, etc.

If you have any disabilities which we should be aware of when considering your application for on campus housing, please indicate this on your housing contract and provide an explanation of your needs.You may also contact our Central Residence Life Office at 973-720-2714, and ask to speak with the Associate Director of Residence Life for Assignments.

We will also ask that you identify yourself with the Office of Disability Services at William Paterson University. Residence Life works in conjunction with Disability Services in adhering to ADA guidelines. Their contact information is 973-720-2853, and the web site is

Housing Accommodations for Students Requesting Emotional Support Animals (ESA) 

The University has available living accommodations for students presenting a need for an ESA (and pre-approved by Disability Services). The process to request for accommodation begins with the Office of Disability Services. You may submit your request for housing and mention that you will be applying for this accommodation, however, without following the appropriate process with Disability Services, no student may bring a support animal with them to campus.