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Introducing new WP Wireless

Information Technology is pleased to announce the new “WP Wireless” network as a replacement for the previous “WPUNJNet” and “Faculty-Staff” networks.  Both students and employees can connect to the “WP Wireless” network. 


Key advantages of the new network include:

  • No Software/Agent to Install:  By connecting to the “WP Wireless” SSID, there is no longer a need to run the Cisco NAC Agent - you need only enter your WPUNJ Username/Password to be connected
  • Enhanced Security:  802.1x is utilized for security resulting in all traffic sent between your machine and the network being encrypted
  • Mobile Device Support:  Support for all iDevices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and Android, as well as any other mobile device that supports 802.1x
  • Persistent Login:  Most devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices, etc.) will save your credentials which means you only need to type them in the first time you connect to the network or if you change your WP Connect Password


In addition a guest wireless network has been established so William Paterson University employees can establish a logon to a network for invited guests (vendors, conference participants, guest speakers, etc.) who require wireless access while on campus without having to contact the Help Desk.

  • Sponsored Guest Access: University employees can visit and obtain a temporary username/password to provide their guests access to the “WP Guest” Network.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can any non-university member obtain guest access via the WP Guest SSID?

No.  This SSID is only for invited guests of the University.  The sponsor (a university employee) is responsible to inform the guest of the Appropriate Use Policy ( so they are certain the guest understands all activity performed by the guest must be in accordance with the policy.


I have a device that is not 802.1x compliant (Blackberry, Kindle, etc.) How can I connect to the network?

These devices can be registered at the MyDevices portal (located at and then be connected to the “WP Guest” Network.   The MyDevices portal is not intended to register normal devices (such as laptops/desktops) that can connect to the “WP Wireless” network.


Since the Cisco NAC Agent is not required, do I still need an antivirus program in order to connect to the network?

Yes. As part of the Acceptable Use Policy (, you must continue to have an antivirus product installed order to connect to the network.


Who do I contact if I have any problems connecting to the network?

Residence Hall students can contact the RESNET office: or 973-720-3967.

Employees and all students can contact the Helpdesk: or 973-720-4357.


For further information and for instructions on how to connect your device to the new network, please click the following link: