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University Moves Green with Go Print !


In addition to promoting a greener, "Think Before You Print" attitude, the GoPrint management system, implemented in September 2009, also provides a web-based administrative interface that allows us to monitor and control printing across campus. Between September 1 to December 31, users printed a total of just over 1.34 million pages, 598,822 of which were printed in the Cheng Library and an additional 413,434 of which were printed in the Atrium labs. As with LabStats, the GoPrint interface allows us to analyze data and generate reports about the usage of printers, both across all campus labs and in specific locations. This will allow us to better understand "printing behavior" and inform decisions about the allocation of funds and deployment of printing equipment.

While the implementation of GoPrint meant shifting some of the printing costs to students, once they have exceeded their allowances of 600 double-sided printed pages, the GoPrint system provides them with their available balances each time a job is released and gives them the information needed to adjust their printing habits, as needed. Students can learn more about GoPrint, including information about their accounts, by going to, a web page that is advertised across campus.