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Tegrity Lecture Capture Now Available Campus Wide


Tegrity Lecture Capture 2.0, the version that places you in the classroom for your recordings was piloted last Fall, 2009 by 6 faculty members in their English, Psychology, Biology, and Nursing classes. Students and faculty were surveyed for their responses. Students used the captured lectures for an average of 1-5 times during the course of the semester. One biology class lectures were viewed 217 times! Sixty per cent of the students who responded felt that Tegrity made study much more or somewhat more effective than normal. Of the students, 55% indicated that Tegrity would be good in other courses and 100% of the faculty who responded indicated that it would be good. Open-ended comments from the students included the following:

It helped me notice things that I may not have caught during the lecture. It helped

more than ever before finals to capture the materials that I forgot.

I love it! I would use it to study for all of my tests.

I was able to review the lecture from the convenience of my home/any place with an

internet connection.

It's important to note that Tegrity-captured lectures were used for review and/or missed classes. Students do not use the online lectures (posted after the class) as an excuse to miss the class. Research from our study and other universities using Tegrity clearly shows that students still prefer to come to class and use Tegrity to pick up what they missed in the lecture and for review. At Saint Mary's University (SMU) of Minnesota, 70% of STEM faculty used Tegrity and 44 classrooms were configured for class capture recording with Tegrity. Dr. Patrick Barlow, Director of College Assessment at SMU, quoted, When comparing cumulative GPAs between students who use Tegrity and those who don't, the results are clear. Tegrity offers a significant academic advantage.