Paterson /by William Carlos Williams

Paterson - Williams CD cover artFeaturing excerpts from the poem with original music.
Music supervision by Professor Richard DeRosa.
Recording supervision by Professor David Kerzner.

CD Cover image: Merrill Wagner, "But the sea is not our home...", 2009 9x13x16'

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1. Paterson composer: Hwa Young Lee; pianist: Itay Goren; narrator: Stephen Bryant

2. In 1791 composer/guitarist: Eric Burns; narrator: Jay Ludwig

3. In 1824 composer: Tom Erickson; MIDI performance: Tom Erickson and Richard DeRosa; narrator: Jay Ludwig 

4. In Old Age composer: Jack Furlong; pianist:Itay Goren; narrator: Joan Ludwig 

5. Indifferent composer: Alex Chilowicz; pianist: Itay Goren; narrator and singer: Stephen Bryant 

6. Sunday in the Park composer/guitarist: Eric Burns; narrator: Joan Ludwig 

7. Love is her Sorrow composer: Hwa Young Lee; singer: Stephen Bryant; pianist: Itay Goren 

8. Voluptuous Evening composer: Jon McElroy; MIDI performance: Richard DeRosa; narrator: Carie Ivanovski 

9. The Descent Beckons composer: Jon McElroy; MIDI performance; Richard DeRosa; narrator: Stephen Bryant 

10. Province of the Poem composer: Mike Wilkens; pianist: Itay Goren; narrator: Joan Ludwig 

11. Peer of the Gods composer/MIDI performance: Richard DeRosa; narrator: Carie Ivanovski 

12. The Locust Tree composer/guitarist: Pedro Rodriguez; narrator: Joan Ludwig 

Student composers: Eric Burns, Alex Chilowicz, Tom Erickson, Jack Furlong, Hwa Young Lee, Jon McElroy, Pedro Rodriguez, Mike Wilkens.

Student recording engineers: Ben Hutcheon and Mark Sost.

Piano performance: Itay Goren, WPU Alumnus. Vocal performance: Professor Stephen Bryant, Music Faculty.

Narrators: Professor Stephen Bryant, Music Faculty; Professors Carie Ivanovski, Jay Ludwig and Joan Ludwig, Communication Faculty.

Mixing and Mastering: Professors David Kerzner and Richard DeRosa, Music Faculty.

Thanks to Gina Guerreri and Liz Stroppel for selecting the narrators.

Special thanks to Stephen Hahn, WCW Project Director, and Nancy Einreinhofer, Paterson Exhibit Curator, William Paterson University Galleries.

This project was made possible, in part, by a grant from the William Paterson University Alumni Association.

William Paterson University  Wayne, NJ 07470