Scheduling Work

  • Personnel are dispatched to handle emergencies as soon as we become aware of them and continue until each emergency is over. We define emergencies as unscheduled occurrences that imminently endanger life, health, or property.

  • We handle urgent requirements as soon as we can contact personnel who are not on an emergency. To the extent we can, we try not to pull workers who are assigned to previous planned work, but the level of urgency will prompt our decision.

  • Most work orders are started within two weeks of receipt.

  • Special arrangements will be made to accommodate your schedule.


  • The workers who provide service that you request will make a reasonable attempt to contact you when they have completed work.

  • If you have additional information or needs concerning a job, we welcome your follow-up


  • We survey a significant sample of work order contacts to measure customer satisfaction.

  • We welcome any praise, criticism, comments, recommendations, or other feedback.