Where can I find course offerings for next semester?
  • Click here for a selected list of courses with availability in the coming semester. Click on the tabs at the bottom for courses that meet various requirements.
  • You can find all courses at the link here.
  • You can find all available courses offered next semester here.
What if the course I seek is closed?
Can you count a course which I took at another school toward my requirements here at WPU?
  • The chair of the sociology department can only address courses within sociology and CCJ. If you think that a course you took at another college may substitute for a course in sociology or CCJ here at WPU, you should fill out this form online.
Since I will graduate in the summer, can I "walk" for graduation in May?
  • Students who plan to complete all degree requirements in the summer can apply to Associate Dean Davis participate in the May graduation ceremony. Eligible students will receive an email with more information about this prior to the registration period.