The sociologists at William Paterson University are dedicated professionals with a strong commitment to student success and high standards. Most are highly respected scholars, and active as members and officers in regional and national sociological organizations. Some have international reputations and have been invited lecturers at universities in Asia, Canada and Europe. Some have also written college textbooks that are leaders in their field; while students elsewhere in the United States learn from their efforts through these books, William Paterson students have the advantage of learning from these authors directly through interactions in and out of the classroom.

Besides their national esteem as scholars and communicators of knowledge, the sociology faculty are, first and foremost, teachers committed to a positive and effective learning environment. We take great pride in having one of the lowest out-changes of major in the University despite the rigorous academic standards we set for our students. Exit surveys of graduating seniors consistently praise the personal interest that the sociology faculty take in student welfare and the knowledge and insights that students say they gained from them.

Further information about individual full-time and part-time sociology faculty can be found by clicking any of the following links.

Name OfficePhoneEmail
Full Time Faculty
Maboud Ansari   R 422 x3423 ansarim@wpunj.edu
Mary Pat Baumgartner   R 418 x3174 baumgartnerm@wpunj.edu
Wendy Christensen   R 455 x3937 christensenw@wpunj.edu
Jennifer Di Noia  Chairperson R 463 x3714 dinoiaj@wpunj.edu
Claudia Damari R 452 x2274 damaric@wpunj.edu 
Mark Ellis   R 459 x3411 ellism@wpunj.edu
Jacob Felson  Asst. Chairperson R 461 x3429 felsonj@wpunj.edu
Paula Fernandez   R 447 x2246 fernandezp3@wpunj.edu
Charley Flint R 429 x2368 flintc@wpunj.edu
Gennifer Furst  CJ Director R 460 x2417 furstg@wpunj.edu
Kathleen Odell Korgen   R 453 x3563 korgenk@wpunj.edu
Clyde Magarelli   R 463 x3425   magarellic@wpunj.edu
Keumjae Park R 449 x3562 parkk4@wpunj.edu
Vincent N. Parrillo  Graduate Director R 429 x2669 parrillov@wpunj.edu
Sheetal Ranjan   R 455 x3568 ranjans@wpunj.edu
Michael Schlossman R456 x3434 schlossmanm@wpunj.edu
Julie Siddique R451 x3426 siddiquen1@wpunj.edu
Susanna Tardi   R 431 x3081 tardis@wpunj.edu
Gabe T. Wang R 420 x3410 wangg@wpunj.edu
Deniz Yucel   R 457 x2572 yuceld@wpunj.edu
Debra Wilson-Brown Administrative Asst. R 428 x2274 wilsond@wpunj.edu
Adjunct Faculty
Robert Alexander   R452 x2000 alexanderr@wpunj.edu
Richard Baird     x3700 bairdr@wpunj.edu
Staci Block   R452 x2000 blocks@wpunj.edu
Joshua Camins   R452 x4110 camins@wpunj.edu 
Theresa Cruz Paul     x3020 cruzpault@wpunj.edu
William T. Curcio   R452 x4154 curciow@wpunj.edu
Joseph L. DiGiacomo   R452 x4182 digiacomoj@wpunj.edu
Bonnie French    R452 x4975 frenchb@wpunj.edu
Louis R. Gaydosh   R457 x4254 gaydoshl@wpunj.edu
Will Graulich     graulichw@wpunj.edu
Arturo P. Lewis   R452  x1439 lewisa8@wpunj.edu
Chien Liu       liuc@wpunj.edu
Emily Mahon   R448 x3689 mahone@wpunj.edu
James  Mahon x3689 mahonj@wpunj.edu
Jennifer McAdam    R452 x4472 mcadamj@wpunj.edu
Patrick McNicholas x4847 mcnicholasp@wpunj.edu
Elizabeth Morley x4884 morleye@wpunj.edu
Noel Mouldovan   R452 x4527 mouldovann@wpunj.edu
Michele Murphy x4294 murphym@wpunj.edu
Sarah E. Murray   murrays@wpunj.edu
Amalia Paladino     x5007 paladinoa@wpunj.edu
Lorraine M. Phillips       phillipsl@wpunj.edu
Myra Robinson   R452 x4640 robinsonm50@wpunj.edu
John Runfeldt CH420 x2725 runfeldtj@wpunj.edu
Ruben M. Scolavino   R452 x4696 scolavinor@wpunj.edu
Sanford Shevack x4294 shevacks@wpunj.edu
Brian Weitzman   x4973 weitzman@wpunj.edu
Howard Wineberg   x4823 winebergh@wpunj.edu
Kevin Wronko     x4831 wronkok@wpunj.edu
Richard A. Zdan    R452   zdanr@wpunj.edu
Emeritus Faculty
Louis Gaydosh        
Rosanne Martorella        
James Mahon    
Peter Stein        
John Stimson        
William Willis