BA Criminology & CJ

The B.A. degree program in Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ) provides students with a strong background in criminological theory and the criminal justice system. 

Overall requirements

The CCJ major consists of 12 courses in total -- six required and six electives. The first five required courses listed below must be taken one after the other.  CCJ 4820 and CCJ 4920 must be taken after a student has completed 90 credits of coursework.  Minimum grades of C- are required in the courses listed with asterisks* below.

Required courses

CCJ 2610 Essentials of Criminal Justice*
CCJ 3680 Criminology*
SOC 3010 Research Methods*
SOC 3020 Data Analysis*
CCJ 4820 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice
CCJ 4920 Internship in Criminal Justice

Major electives (4-6)

CCJ 2640 Forensic Social Psychology
CCJ 3360 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CCJ 3620 Policing
CCJ 3640 Criminal Investigation
CCJ 3660 Sociology of Corrections
CCJ 3670 Juvenile Delinquency
CCJ 4030 Community Corrections
SOC 2620 Violence in the Community
SOC 2660 Italian and Italian-American Culture
SOC 2990 Sociology of Race and Law (UCC area 4)
SOC 3350 Sociology of Law
SOC 3560 Sociology of Mental Illness
SOC 3650 Social Deviance

Related electives (0-2)

AWS 1550 Justice and Racism in the US
AWS 2070 Racism and the Mass Media
ANTH 3410 Law in Society and Culture
ANTH 3540 Forensic Osteology
ENV 3400 Environmental Law
PHIL 3330 Philosophy of Law
POL 2210 State Government
POL 2230 Suburban and Urban Politics
POL/WGS 2720 Politics and Sex (UCC area 4)
POL 3240 Constitutional Law: Judicial Process
POL 3250 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
POL 3730 Politics of Sexual Violence
PSY 2250 Psychology of Social Issues
PSY 2750 Psychology of Law
PSY 2900 Child Abuse and Neglect
PSY 3510 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3810 Psychology of Aggression
SOC 1020 Social Problems
SOC 2220 Public Sociology Civic Engagement (UCC area 5)
SOC 2410 Minority Groups in America (UCC area 4)
SOC 2420 Muslims and Islamic U.S. Institutions (UCC area 4)
SOC 2720 Urban Sociology
SOC 3430 Ethnic and Racial Conflict Resolution
SOC 3540 Social Stratification
SOC 3730 Social Movements
WGS 2250 Race, Gender & Social Justice (UCC area 4)
WGS 3080 Human Trafficking
WGS 3290 Women and the Law