William Carlos Williams Conference

Seventh Biennial Conference of the William Carlos Williams Society

June 22-23, 2017

William Paterson University

“To Him Who Wants It”: Celebrating the Centennial of the Publication of Al Que Quiere!

The WCW Society announces a call for proposals for papers, performances, and other contributions to scholarship on the work of Williams Carlos Williams for a conference to be held at William Paterson University, June 22-23 Wayne, New Jersey. The campus of the University is located just outside the City of Paterson, not far from the Borough of Rutherford, NJ, Williams’s hometown.

Contributions are sought from both emerging and established scholars, with a focus on Al Que Quiere! as it represents a breakthrough volume for Williams in several of its poems, anticipates the later emergence of the long poem Paterson in “The Wanderer,” and reflects Williams’s various identifications and influences throughout his career (e.g. “the Latin Williams,” the romantic Williams, etc.). Contributions on any and all phases of Williams’s career will be considered as well.

Prospective contributors are asked to provide either proposals or abstracts by April 1, 2017, for consideration. Invited contributors will be expected to provide completed essays/papers by early June to be posted for conference participants to facilitate conversations about their scholarly contributions at the time of presentation.

The conference will also celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Walter Scott Peterson’s An Approach to Paterson (Yale UP, 1967) through a discussion of the evolution of approaches to Paterson including this early book-length treatment.

As has been customary for the conference at this venue, a post-conference tour of locations in Paterson, along the Passaic River, and in Rutherford will be conducted (for a modest fee) on the afternoon of Friday June 23, for participants of the conference.

Please send proposals or abstracts to:

Ian Copestake at copers@gmail.com

Daniel Burke at dburke7@luc.edu


Stephen Hahn at hahns@wpunj.edu