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List of Club Sports Resources

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For additional forms or questions, contact J. Cole Rinck at

Updated Spring 2020 Key Dates

  • New Officer Registration (2020-2021 Club Leadership)
  • Club Budgets for 2020-2021
    • Form needs to be completed and emailed to J. Cole Rinck ( and Karen Topping ( no later than Sunday, May 10 (*updated due date*).
    • Budget form instructions:
      • There are three sections for the club sport budget form: "Introduction", "Income", and "Expenses."  There is a separate tab for each section. 
      • Simply go through each section and input the appropriate information in the YELLOW cells.  Please do not write in the other cells. 
      • If you have questions about how to complete this form, please contact J. Cole Rinck at 
      • Please complete the form and email it (as a .xls or .xlsx file- not Google form) to J. Cole Rinck ( AND Karen Topping ( by MAY 22, 2020. 
      • When completing the form, you are strongly encouraged to review the prior year's budget and end of the year actual costs to develop the most accurate budget plan possible.
        • NOTE: Your expenses cannot exceed your income!  You must have a balanced budget.
      • Club sports budget form (2020-2021)