Past Events

Lunch & Reunion for Social Justice Project Workshop Participants
November 18, 2016


Money, Schools & Justice: The Politics of Funding Public Education
Talk by Stan Karp, Director of the Secondary Reform Project
for New Jersey’s Education Law Center, and editor of Rethinking Schools
November 3, 2016


Combatting Islamophobia
Workshop led by Lydia York, Philosophy
Oct 27, 2016



Teaching Black Lives Matter: Using Media for Social Activism
Presentation and Virtual Workshop
led by Dr. Tyia Tyree of Howard University
October 13, 2016


Troublemaking: From Feminism to Black Lives Matter
Talk by Cheryl Clarke, Rutgers University
April 26, 2016


Educating Students About Election Issues
Discussion led by Wendy Christensen, Sociology;
Liz Birge, Journalism; Fanny Lauby, Political Science;
and Warren Sandmann, Provost
February 11, 2016



Raising Awareness of Election Issues in the Classroom
Conversation led by Liz Birge, Journalism; Wendy Christensen, Sociology;
and Fanny Lauby, Political Science
December 8, 2015


Street Harassment, Rape Culture, and Grassroots Activism
Workshop led by Heather Thompson
November 19, 2015


The Mask You Live In
Film and Panel Discussion
Led by Cesar Castro, Academic Advisement; \
and Chriss Williams, Communication
October 29, 2015

Reclaiming Abortion Rights
Talk by Katha Pollitt
Co-sponsored with the Gandhian Forum
April 9, 2015

Why Can't We All Get Along? 
Because Sometimes We Don't Want to.
Are Ethnic Conflicts Unfixable?
Workshop on Ethnic Identity and Crisis
led by Danusha Goska
April 9, 2015

Mini- Conference on Food and Inequality
Jennifer di Noia, William Kernan, Naa-Solo Tettey,
Corey Basch, Rosa Soto, Pixy Ferris, and
Perse Vargas
Co-sponsored with the WPU Department of Public Health
March 26, 2015

Women and Power in Organizations
Jennifer Waldeck, Chapman University
February 12, 2015

The Police and Communities of Color:
Assessing the Realities of Policing in the U.S.
and Strategies for Lasting Reform
Jason D. Williamson, Staff Attorney,
ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project
Co-Sponsored with the Gandhian Forum
October 16, 2015


 #SocialMedia for #SocialJustice
Workshop led By Samantha DeMuro,
WPU Online Marketing Coordinator
Oct 16, 2015


The Migration of Gender and Sexuality
Dr. Celiany Rivera Velasquez.
Director, NYU’s LGBTQ Center
part of Latin Heritage Celebration
Co-Sponsored with SGA & the Women’s and
Gender Studies Department
October 1, 2015


Maya Angelou Tribute
Co-Sponsored with the Women’s and
Gender Studies Department and others
September 25, 2014


Two-day Diversity and Justice Workshop
led by Wartyna Davis, Associate Dean, College
of Humanities and Social Sciences
and Arlene Holpp Scala, Women's and Gender Studies
May 19 - 20, 2014

Global Issues in Food and Sustainability
Jennifer DiNoia, Sociology
David Gilley, Biology
William Kernan, Public Health
Moderator: Rosa Soto
April 24, 2014

Speaking Against Hate:
Discussing Global Homophobia
David Rivera, Psychology
Vidya Kalaramadam, Women’s & Gender Studies
Moderator: Loretta McLaughlin-Vignier, Communication
April 8, 2014

As co-sponsor:
Sports and Resistance
A talk by Dave Zirin
Presented by the Gandhian Forum for Peace & Justice
March 4, 2014

H-Bomb Testing in the Marshall Islands:
Summary of a Health Survey of Downwind Marshallese Women
Presentation by Glenn Alcalay, Anthropology
Co-sponsored with Anthropology and Women's and Gender Studies Departments
February 12, 2014


What’s Cooking
Film showing
November 21, 2013


As co-sponsor
The Path to Marriage Equality
A talk by Jeanne LoCicero
Deputy Legal Director of the ACLU of New Jersey
November 12, 2013

Soul Food Junkies
Film presentation and post-film discussion
Led by Rosa Soto, English & Latin American and Latino Studies
and Stephanie Quackenbush, Women's and Gender Studies
October 31, 2013

As co-sponsor
"Veganism, Feminism, and Healthy Living"
A talk by Jennifer Gannett and Fanny Fuentes
October 9, 2013


"Myths on Race and Gender" and "Myths on Aggression"
Talks by Agustin Fuentes
Department of Anthropology
University of Notre Dame
April 8, 2013

“Immigration and Human Dignity: Part II”
Talk with Sue Kenney
(along with a faculty pedagogy workshop)
February 28, 2013

“Divided We Eat: Social Class, Race,
and Ethnicity in Eating Healthy”
A panel discussion led by Pixy Ferris (Communication),
Jennifer DiNoia (Sociology), and Rosa E. Soto (English)
February 26, 2013

"Humanities and Technology: How Easy Can IT Be?"
Workshop for faculty led by Sandra Miller, Director,
and Jane Hutchison, Associate Director,
Instruction and Research Technology (IRT)
February 14, 2013

“Immigration and Human Dignity”
Talk with Sue Kenney
of IRATE and First Friends
October 24, 2012

“Accidental Studies of Stratification:  Higher Education & the Workplace”
Talk by Sarah S. Willie-LeBreton, Chair of Sociology, Swarthmore College
March 29, 2012

"Twin Demons in the Classroom: Authority and Privilege"
A Pedagogy Workshop led by Sarah S. Willie-LeBreton
March 29, 2012

“We’re Here, We’re Queer and We’re Part of your Asian Pacific/Islander History”
Talk by Pauline Park , Chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy
February 22, 2012

"Transgendering the Academy: Transforming the Relationship Between Theory and Praxis"
Pedagogy Workshop led by Pauline Park
February 22, 2012

“Displaced Persons”
Talk by novelist Ghita Schwarz
November 29, 2011

“Teaching about Transgender Studies: Becoming a Trans-Ally in the Classroom”
Workshop led by Robert Powers
Recovery Housing Resident Director
October 27, 2011

"LGBT Issues and Critical Pedagogy"
Workshop led by Nelson Rodriguez,
Women's and Gender Studies Department
The College of New Jersey
April 20, 2011.

"Mapping Inequality Gaps Among Urban Youth:  Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality."
Talk by Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Urban Education,
The Graduate Center of The City University of New York.
November 9, 2010.

“Teaching About Immigration (continued)”
Workshop led by JoAnn Cunningham, Anthropology
October 28, 2010.

 "Homophobia, Transphobia, and Religion."
Workshop led by Virginia Mollenkott.
October 6, 2010.

"Re-imagining the Body: Community Clinics and Immigration Reform."
Talk by Patricia Fernández-Kelly,
Department of Sociology and Office of Population Research,
Princeton University
Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

“What’s Love Got to Do With It? Challenging Societal Norms
in Teaching About Love and Marriage."
Workshop led by Maria Villar, Anthropology; Richard Bartone, Communication;
and Arlene Holpp Scala, Women’s and Gender Studies.
March 4, 2010.

"Teaching About Immigration."
Workshop led by Vidya Kalaramadam, Women's and Gender Studies;
Keumjae Park, Sociology; and Elena Sabogal, Women's and Gender Studies.
November 18, 2009.

"Race in the Age of Obama."
Talk by Tim Wise.
Sponsored by the Education Enrichment Center, in collaboration with
the Political Science Department and the Project.
October 14, 2009.

"Globalization and Children's Lives."
Workshop led by Erica Polakoff, Bloomfield College.
April 7, 2009.

"The Struggle for Recognition: Bodies, Bullying, and In-School Masculine Violence."
Talk by James Messerschmidt, Professor of Sociology in the Department of Criminology
and the Women & Gender Studies Program at the University of Southern Maine.
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

“Teaching About Racism When an African American is President."
Workshop led by Wartyna Davis, Political Science; Kathleen Korgen, Sociology;
andBalmurli Natrajan, Anthropology.
December 3, 2008.

"Pornography and Everyday Life."
Teaching workshop led by Carole Sheffield, of the Political Science
April 16, 2008

“Tough Guise: Masculinity and Violence.”
Talk by Sut Jhally, Professor of Communication at the University of
Massachusetts and founder and Executive Director of the Media
Education Foundation.
March 4, 2008.

“Inequality Is Injustice,” an all-day conference featuring Howard Dodson,
Director of the Schomburg Center. Political Science event worked on
and co-sponsored by the Project, along with the Women’s Center.
February 20, 2008.

“Regulating Marriage: Religion, Public Policy, and Women's Lives.”
Talk by Traci C. West of the African American Studies Department
at Drew University Theological School.
October 10, 2007.

"Reproductive Technologies and Reproductive Rights.”
Workshop led by Caitlin Killian and Christina McKittrick, Drew University.
April 25, 2007.“Race, Class, and Women’s Health: Learning Through Participatory Research.”
Talk by Leith Mullings, Presidential Professor of Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center.
March 27, 2007.

“Stereotyping Africa in the Twenty-First Century: Challenging Local and Global Racism.”
Panel discussion by Lawrence Mbogoni, AACS; Monica Nyamwange, Geography;
and Aaron Tesfaye, Political Science.
March 7, 2007.

"Straight Folks in the Classroom: Putting Normative Sexuality Under the Lens.”
Workshop led by Naomi Miller of Sussex County Community College.
December 6, 2006.

"What Is Whiteness Studies and How Can It Help Us Teach About Racism?"
Workshop led by Ian Marshall, English Deparment.
November 15, 2006.

"Using Technology Creatively in Teaching 'Racism and Sexism'.”
Workshop led by Carole Sheffield, Political Science Department.
October 16, 2006.

“Television and Social Class.”
Teaching workshop organized around clips from the new video, Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class.
April 26, 2006.

Bellclair Times
Presentation/discussion by Chriss Williams, Communication Department, of his award-winning new feature film about a New Jersey town with a hidden past of racial violence.
March 28, 2006.

”Virtual E-Race-ing through Digital Discoveries: Using New Media for Liberating Education.”
Workshop led by Melda Yildiz, Secondary and Middle School Education Department .
February 22, 2006.

”Women and Hip Hop in the 21st Century."
Talk by Dr. Gwendolyn D. Pough, Syracuse University, WPU alum and author of Check It While I Wreck It: Black Womanhood, Hip-hop Culture, and the Public Sphere.
November 2, 2005.

“Latino Images and the Hollywood Paradigm,."
Workshop led by filmmaker Marta Bautis, Ramapo College.
October 19, 2005. "Us and Them: Class Identity in the College Classroom."
Workshop led by Jacqueline Ellis, New Jersey City University,
April 20, 2005.

"Transgender Identities: Issues and Pedagogy."
Workshop led by Donna Ezrol and Max Probst.
March 30, 2005.

What Is Womanist Pedagogy?"
Workshop led by Djanna Hill, Secondary and Middle School Education Department.
March 9, 2005.

"Teaching About Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality After the Election."
Open discussion led by Sharmila (Pixy) Ferris, J. Jordan, and Arlene Holpp Scala.
November 17, 2004.

"A Tale of Two Civilizations: Islamic Values and Euro-American Norms."
Talk by Ali A. Mazrui, Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities and Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, Binghamton University.
October 13, 2004.

"Social Inequality and the Human Experience"
Workshop led by Mark Ellis, Sociology Department
April 21, 2004.

"Teaching About Social Class"
Workshop led by David Borkowski, English Department
March 31, 2004.

"Effective Strategies for Teaching About Sexual Violence"
Workshop led by Carole Sheffield
Political Science Department
March 3, 2004.

"Teaching About Gender, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Proposed Federal Marriage Amendment"
Workshop led by Virginia Mollenkott
Professor Emerita, English Department
December 3, 2003.

"What Do Women Have to Do With Militarism?"
Talk by Cynthia Enloe
Professor of Government & and Director of Women's Studies,
Clark University
November 12, 2003.

"Web Resources for Teaching About
Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality"
Workshop led by Wartyna Davis, Political Science
& Sharmila Pixy Ferris, Communications
October 20, 2003.

"Race, Class, and Access to Higher Education." Talk by Adolph Reed, Jr., Professor of Political Science at the New School and author of W.E.B.DuBois and American Political Thought.
April 30, 2003.

"How Hip Hop Culture Can Inform the Race and Gender Conversation."
Presentation and workshop led by Jon Yasin of Bergen Community College.
April 2, 2003.

"How Free Should Discussion Be in 'Racism and Sexism' Class?"
Open discussion of issues raised by the article "Guidelines for Discussion, or Thought Control" in the September 27, 2002 Chronicle of Higher Education.
February 26, 2003.

"Teaching About Racism After 9/11."
Panel discussion led by Mark Ellis of Sociology, Steve Shalom of Political Science, and Mytheli Sreenivas of Women's Studies, William Paterson University.
November 30, 2002.

"The Language of Culture: How to Become a Cultural Interpreter."
Workshop led by Rashmi Jaipal of Bloomfield College.
November 19, 2002."Overcoming Student Resistance."

Workshop led by Beth Paul of The College of New Jersey.
April 19, 2002."Teaching About Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality: Do Students Say What They Really Think?"
Open discussion.
April 3, 2002.

"Bridging Cultural Divides: Culture and Identity in our Global Era."
Teaching workshop led by Erica Polakoffof of Bloomfield College.
March 11, 2002.

"Integrating Gay and Lesbian Material into Introductory Courses."
Presentation by Joanne Glasgow and David Kievitt of Bergen Community College..
December 6, 2001

"Latino/a Experience in the United States."
Talk by Juan Gonzalez, Daily News columnist, activist, and author of Harvest of Empire: The History of Latinos in America.
November 29, 2001.

"Approaches to Teaching 'Racism and Sexism in the U.S.'"
An open pedagogy discussion.
October 25, 2001.

"Creating an Inclusive Campus Climate."
Talk by Cheryl Clarke, Director of Diverse Community Affairs, Rutgers University.
April 18, 2001.

"Teaching About Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality: What Works and What Doesn't Work."
Open discussion.
March 29, 2001.

"Teaching About Whiteness."
Discussion led by Charley Flint of Sociology, William Paterson University, and Ira Shor, WPU Distinguished Visiting Professor.
February 15, 2001.

"Is the Personal Pedagogical? How the Instructor's Identity Affects Teaching About Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality."
Panel discussion led by Mark Ellis of Sociology, Jean Levitan of Community Health, Tim Liu of English, and Arlene Holpp Scala of Women's Studies, William Paterson University.
November 29, 2000.

"Integrating Latina/Latino Issues into 'Racism and Sexism' and Other Courses."
Workshop led by Liza Fiol-Matta, Director of the Women and Gender Studies Program at New Jersey City University.
October 11, 2000.

"Racism and National Politics."
Talk by Ron Daniels, Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.
April 6, 2000.

"Teaching About Lesbian and Gay Issues."
Panel discussion led by Janet Pollak of Anthropology, William Paterson University, and Leonard Vogt of the LaGuardia Community College (CUNY) English Department.
March 27, 2000.

Open Pedagogy Workshop.
February 16, 2000.

"Teaching 'Racism and Sexism in the United States': Challenges and Strategies."
Panel discussion led by Joan Griscom of Women's Studies, J. Jordan of English, and Paula Rothenberg of The New Jersey Project, William Paterson University.
November 17, 1999.

"Feminism Today."
Panel discussion led by Wartyna Davis of Political Science, Roze Hentschell of English, Distinguished Visiting Professor Emma Perez, and Donna Perry of English, William Paterson University.
October 13, 1999.