Annual Diversity & Justice Workshops

Each May the Social Justice Project offers a two-day pedagogical workshop to train new instructors for teaching courses within the Diversity and Justice area of the University Core Curriculum (UCC Area 4). This workshop also enables instructors who already have experience with related courses to think more deeply about their teaching.

Due to increased need, the workshop was also offered over the 2020 winter break, which started early because of concern about COVID.  It will be offered again in May of 2021. Below is an outline of the winter break workshop, co-facilitated by Professors Wendy Christensen and Danielle Wallace.

        photo from May 2014 Diversity & Justice Workshop

Diversity and Justice Workshop 2020 (Winter)

Monday, November 30

 Session I

 9:00-12:00     Diversity and Justice at WP
                       Defining our terms
                       Critical frameworks: Intersectionality
                       Black Lives Matter

 12:00-1:00 Lunch

 Session II

 1:00-2:00     Why justice? Inequality in higher education
                      White supremacy and privilege

 2:00-3:00    Breakout Session 1


Tuesday, December 1

 Session III

 9:00-12:00     Reflections on previous day
                       Teaching COVID-19
                       Difficult discussions in the virtual classroom
                       The Remote Social Justice classroom

 12:00-1:00 Lunch

 Session IV

1:00-3:00   Teaching the 2020 Election
                   Decolonizing your classroom
                   Breakout Session