Public Law 2005 Chapter 51 and Executive Order 117

Documents required where dollar value exceeds $17,500

The following documents are required to be completed by the State of New Jersey and the University.  Please complete the attached documents and fax or email to Purchasing at (973)720-2872,  On the Plch 51 (2 year Certification) from page 3, it is suggested that the vendor CHECK box A. 

Also, please send a list with any/all OFFICERS of your corporation.

--Public Law Forms

The University is required to comply with various New Jersey regulations, among them are Public Law 2005, Chapter 51(formerly known as Executive Order 134) and Executive Order 117. Business entities or individuals cannot be issued contracts, purchase orders, or payments of $17,500 or more annually, if that business entity or individual has made political contributions of $300 or more to a gubernatorial candidate’s campaign, a legislative leadership committee, municipal political party committee, or a candidate committee, election fund of any candidate or holder of the office of Lieutenant Governor. This applies to individual orders or cumulative orders that reach the $17,500 threshold. Vendors reaching this threshold are required to complete certain documents that are returned to Purchasing Department and sent to NJ Department of Treasury. The Purchasing Office will send the required forms to the vendor for completion. However, the Treasury Department makes the determination whether a contract or purchase order can be awarded or denied and advises the University of their determination. If approved by the Treasury Department the contract and or purchase order is released. If disapproved the department is alerted and purchasing will work with the department to find alternate vendors. Departments are advised that confirming orders and or voucher payment requests are prohibited. Orders subject to these rules can be delayed from 15 to 28 working days. Departments are requested to plan for the additional days required to complete orders.