February 22, 2021

Dear William Paterson Faculty & Staff:

I hope you were able to attend Friday’s Forum on Enrollment & Budget. Vice President for Administration and Finance Steve Bolyai and Vice President for Enrollment Management Reg Ross presented a lot of important information that can help us all better understand the extent of our financial challenges and the urgent need for faculty and staff restructuring and other cost-saving measures. These steps will impact faculty and staff in all areas of University operations, either directly or indirectly, and the administration is committed to being as transparent as possible throughout this process. If you were unable to join us or would like to take a closer look, you can view the materials the materials that were presented here, and the full presentation here. 
Friday’s presentation was able to be streamed from Hamilton Hall and the campus open despite another long round of snow, thanks to the great work of the “Snow Busters,” the physical plant workers under the direction of Jim Shelley, who have been on the front lines throughout the worst of the past month’s weather, when our campus has seen five significant snowfalls totaling 46 inches – nearly four feet! – of snow. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our campus safe and secure every day, all year long.

This week’s WP: We are Proud – We are pleased that, to date, approximately 155 William Paterson faculty and staff in qualifying groups have registered to receive the COVID19 vaccine through the University’s partnership with Atlantic Health. We will continue to do all we can to facilitate equitable access to the vaccine to help protect our community and hasten the end of the pandemic. Thanks to Dr. Jill Guzman, director of Counseling, Health & Wellness, Ramzi Chabayta, director of Payroll & Employee Benefits, and our partners at Atlantic Health for their good work on this important initiative. 

Richard J. Helldobler, Ph.D.