Community Information


As a student of William Paterson University, you want to feel safe and secure on campus. To ensure that you have a reason to feel safe and secure, University Police provide many services, which are addressed in our Student Information Guide and which are addressed below.  

While we can strive to prevent crime, no one can prevent it entirely. As a precaution, please take time to complete our Student Inventory List. By doing so, you will help us in the event of a theft. We thank you for your assistance.


Thank you for placing your child in our care. To help you feel confident in the manner in which we keep your child safe, the Director of the University Police Department has developed a guide and various recommendations for parents. To review them click on the links below.

Faculty & Staff

Although you work for the university, you may not be aware of all of the public safety issues with which you are confronted. To familiarize you with some of the issues, the University Police Department developed a Faculty Information Guide. In addition, a faculty inventory list has been made for your use. By using that list, you can more effectively assist us in cases of theft or loss.