Community Engagement

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Our Mission

Serving the community is our priority and mission. We are committed to the concept of community engagement and work diligently to develop and maintain partnerships to improve the quality of life for our campus community.

Meet Sergeant LaWanda Walker

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The Community Policing Unit is currently under the supervision of Sergeant LaWanda Walker and reports to the Command Staff of the WPU Police Department.  Sgt. Walker continues to work diligently to collaborate with the university partners to create different opportunities for community engagements.  Such as specialized training, student employment, culture awareness events, community policing strategies, and enhancing the university living and learning environment.  Sgt. Walker strongly believes that there’s a wonderful snowball effect that results from the benefits of community policing: engaging with the campus community about their needs and addressing them also increases transparency and accountability, which, you guessed it, increases trust and improves community relations.  The WPUPD Community Policing motto is “Serving the Community Is Our Priority.”

Safe Walk

The Safe Walk program is a service that Community Policing provides to give students a sense of security when walking back from class, dorm, etc., alone at night. Our safety patrol staff will escort students to their location safely.

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Saturday, 8 PM- 2 AM

To request SAFE WALK, call (973) 720-7400