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Though we recently wrapped up a successful EXPLORATIONS 2018 at WP, we are already planning next year's EXLPORATIONS events.

Current Explorations Event Dates for 2019: April 1 through 18th

Events Schedule:

Poster Sessions on 4/2/19 and 4/4/19

Explorations Conference on 4/5/19

Undergraduate Research Symposium on 4/6/19

Honors Week Student Research Presentations week of 4/8 through 4/12/19

Interdisciplinary Sessions 4/9, 4/10, and 4/11/19

Authors Reception on 4/18/19

Further announcements and calls for presenters will be made as EXPLORATIONS 2019 approaches. Additional events may be added to the schedule. Below you can find information and announcements for EXPLORATIONS 2018.


April 2 to May 5, 2018

Explorations 2018 has begun!  These are scenes from last year's poster sessions, Cheng Library Authors Reception and the Cotsakos College of Business sponsored session.  Come and be part of this year's fun!  Highlights include presentations and posters by undergraduate students, Masters students and faculty, Honors Research Week, the 12th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, the film Sonic Divide, Mathematics Awareness Week, the Earth Day Water Fair, and the conference Paterson Through The Arts.

Explorations 2017 Montage

EXPLORATIONS 2018 activities are here.  Official press release.

Partner Programs

There is still time to add your already scheduled and planned activity to our list of Partner Programs!  These are research, scholarly or creative activity or events that fit under the EXPLORATIONS theme. Eligible program include seminars and conferences, invited an outside speakers, end-of-year student capstone presentations, or films, performances or exhibitions that fits under the broad to join as a partner with EXPLORATIONS.  Activities that occur before the start of the exam period that begins May 5, 2018 can be included.  Partner programs will be sent an EXPLORATIONS 3-leaf logo for inclusion on any related flyers or programs and the activity will be listed and promoted with other EXPLORATIONS activities.

Email the name of the event or activity, its location and time, a URL (if you have one) so that we can link to the event, and your contact information to grants@wpunj.edu or call the Office of Sponsored Programs at 973-720-2852.  Programs will be added as we receive them.

Presentations Can Be Posted on WPSphere

WPSphere (https://repository.wpunj.edu/) is William Paterson's new digital repository which will allow anyone in the WP community to publish their work.  Publications can range from an Explorations poster to scholarly articles.  Adding publications to WPSphere is completely voluntary and in no way limits the author(s) from using their publication elsewhere.  Information regarding your rights and ownership of materials in WPSphere are included in the WPSphere Repository Licence which must be submitted with your publication.  Please contact Ms. Klose Hrubes at klosehrubesa@wpunj.edu, repositoryhelp@wpunj.edu, or 973-720-2345 for information on how to submit your publications to WPSphere.

About the 2018 Explorations Poster

This year's "spark lightbulb" poster was created through a project in Dr. Matt Finn's Advanced Typography course (ARTS 3520).  His students provided 11 posters for the Research & Scholarship Council to consider.  We first narrowed the selection to 3 and then selected the one that is our poster and the cover of our various publications.  It was a very hard choice.  All of the submissions are on display in Power Arts during April 2018.  Stop and take a look at all the designs as well as the creative work of students from 7 different graphic design courses.

Explorations poster gallery

Recognizing RSCE at WP  

The presentations and activities included in EXPLORATIONS represent the research, scholarly and creative (RSCE) pursuits of WP’s faculty, students or others.  Core activities include sessions sponsored by WP’s colleges, departments or committees, Honors Week events, the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and the Cheng Library Authors Reception.  We encourage anyone who has developed an RSCE-related seminar or conference, invited an outside speaker, organized an end-of-year student capstone presentation, or scheduled a film, performance or exhibition to join as a partner with EXPLORATIONS.

EXPLORATIONS was known as University Research and Scholarship Day, and then Week, from 1999 to 2015.