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Poster for Explorations 2016

 IRB Updates:

New IRB Protocol Form for Undergraduate and Master's Degree Students!  New Form must be used starting February 15, 2016.

Memorandum to faculty and research supervisors

New Undergraduate and Master's Degree Protocol Form (Appendix C) (MS Word)

New Guidance on the Safe Storage and Management of Research Data



 OSP Newsletter: The Star Report

Spring 2016 

Star Report Spring 2016 Cover

Congratulations to all FY2015 Award Recipients!  This issue of The Star Report includes a list of FY15 awards, an article Celebrating the Success of Awards Received over the past year, and an article on The Research and Research-Related Development Mentor Project. 





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Recently Submitted Proposals

Carmen Ortiz, Academic Affairs, submitted, EOF - FY 2017, to the NJ Secretary of Higher Education, with a total request of $990,188

Recently Submitted Proposals

Emmanuel Onaivi, College of Science and Health, submitted, Behavioral Effects of CB2 Cannabinoid Receptors (Renewal), to the National Institutes of Health, with a total request of $402,766

Recently Submitted Proposals

Hilary Wilder, College of Education, submitted a sub award, Sankofa - An EduGame about Western African Culture, History, and Folklore, to the NEH through University of California - Irvine, with a total request of $47,632

Recently Submitted Proposals

Jennifer Callanan, College of Science and Health, submitted a sub award, NNJ PROGRESS: PROmoting GRaduate Education for Success in Science, to the NSF, with a total request of $268,740

Recently Submitted Proposals

Jane Stein, College of Arts and Communication, submitted, Southern Arts: La Yegros, to the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with a total request of $4,000

Recently Submitted Proposals

Katherine Rizman, Student Development, submitted, William Paterson University HERO Campaign to the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety, with a total request of $15,000

Course for Students: 
Human Subject Research

CITI Program Course Flyer

The William Paterson University Institutional Review Board, supported by the CITI Program, is now offering a course specifically designed to introduce students to the use of human subjects in research.  The course is appropriate for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree students.  Information on how faculty might use this to support their courses and how students would register and complete it are on the IRB web page.