Student Diversity Professional Development

At William Paterson, career readiness is a priority.  The Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion serves as a hub for information and opportunities regarding transformative certificates and diversity training that prepare students for a diverse workforce. 

The benefits of Student Diversity Professional Development include:

  1. Career readiness: Students develop non-cognitive skills (critical thinking, problem-solving, cultural engagement, self-motivation, and collaboration). The training strengthens the student’s performance in the workplace, increase skills and productivity as they engage across difference, and recognize and manage unconscious bias, microaggression, and workplace culture.
  2. Academic success: Safer, healthier, more inclusive campuses have higher engagement, a greater sense of belonging, and improved academic outcomes.
  3. Retention: Bystander and Ally prevention education results in higher retention rates are strongly linked to persistence and positive campus climate perceptions. 

Broadening Your Talent 

Employers are seeking high-performing candidates that demonstrate cultural competence, leadership experience, transferable skills, and demonstrated evidence of working in teams across differences. Here's how you can broaden your talent in the workplace:

  • Get involved in multicultural student clubs and organizations  
  • Get connected to multiple mentoring programs
  • Maximize your degree with the UCC Diversity Course and explore a minor in the Community & Social Justice Studies program. 
  • Bilingual skills are increasingly in demand for both local businesses and international commerce, consider taking Language & Cultures courses.  
  • Bolster networking opportunities by attending in-person and virtual Social Justice Leadership Badge-approved events and programs. 
  • Apply your knowledge by participating in civic engagement and service-learning opportunities.