Social Justice Leadership Badge

The Social Justice Leadership Badge is coordinated by the Center for Diversity & Inclusion as part of a greater WP LEADS badge series which students can earn through their participation in extra-curricular experiences that includes attending workshops, cultural events, speaker presentations, participating in community service and civic engagement activities managed by the Office of Campus Activities, Service & Leadership.  

This is a great opportunity to apply what you are learning in the classroom and make new connections across campus. Completion of the Social Justice Leadership Badge prepares you for your career as a thought leader and influencer.

 Social Justice Leadership Badge includes opportunities to:

  • Gain new perspectives and enhance understanding of inequalities that exist in society; to include social change movements on local and national issues.
  • Participate in intergroup dialogues on topics that examine different experiences, belief systems and ideas.
  • Explore the cross-sections of power, privilege, oppression and intersection of identities.
  • Learn strategies for positive change, advocacy, and bystander interventions that promotes inclusion on campus and in the greater community.

Social Justice Leadership Badge Requirements:

The Social Justice Leadership Badge (SJLB) is designed for students of all academic levels. The SJLB can be completed by:

  • Completing a SJLB Reflection Survey on any four approved activities, presentations or workshops of your choice.
  • Completing the online Social Justice Leadership Badge Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Module at your own pace.
  • Attending one high-level civic engagement activity at any point while enrolled at WPUNJ.

Complete SJLB Reflection Survey

How to get started:

Choose your own adventure. You will be able to choose and select workshops and opportunities that align with your personal goals and availability. Approved activities are posted and managed on Pioneer Life. Attendance is tracked by either swiping student ID card into a swipe-card reader; signing in with student 855# and/or providing email address at virtual m.  Short reflection survey on any four approved activities must be completed to fulfill badge requirements.

Automatic enrollment for the Social Justice Leadership Badge. Automatic enrollment for a Social Justice Leadership Badge occurs when you participate in an activity that counts toward the digital badge requirement. Track your progress by logging on to Pioneer Life.  Badges are automatically loaded onto your Engagement Portfolio in Pioneer Life.

Students can earn multiple digital badges. Approved activities are coded and can satisfy multiple digital badges such as leadership, civic engagement and professional preparation.  Badges are loaded onto student’s Engagement Portfolio in Pioneer Life automatically.

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