News Notes About Faculty, Staff, and Students

The work of Zhiyuan Cong, art, is part of an exhibit in the Art Library at Rutgers University which runs through June 30. The exhibit, “The Professors’ Oriental Abstract World,” features Cong’s Chinese brush calligraphy works and paintings.

Robin Schwartz, art, is exhibiting works from her Amelia World Project at the International Center for Photography in New York, and The Pool Gallery in Berlin. Photos from the project were also part of a public art projection during Foto Week in Washington, D.C.

Gary Kirkpatrick, music, was recently honored for his career achievements in his hometown of Junction City, Kansas. He gave a gala homecoming concert featuring works by Beethoven, Chopin, and Schuman, which served as a reunion with friends and family.

Lan Jiang and Huahua Parker, languages and cultures, escorted a group of advanced Chinese students to a teacher preparation program in China last month for the 2010 Advanced Study and Training Program on Pedagogy and Chinese Teaching Materials. The students, all from the University’s Chinese Teacher Preparation program are: Shu-Ping Chia, Angel Tso-Katcher, Chang Caulfield, Hui-tzu Chen, Shu-Ping Chia, Sophie Johnson, Shihying Nancy Huang, and Wenhui Liu.