What have we done this past year?
Summer 2009 Interns presentations
Participation of High Achievers at Undergraduate Research Symposium, WPU
*Monthly meetings in S2064
*Increased student attendance
*Increased student participation
* New Officers in MAPS and Galen
*More collaboration with the GALEN society
* ISSBB scholars participation
*Community Services
*Fund raisers for St Jude Children Research Hospital
*Raffle to benefic St Jude Children Research Hospital
*Fund Raisers for Haiti-Earthquake Relief
*Clothes and Good Collection for Haiti-Earthquake Relief

*Celebrating Student ResearchActivities: Internships and Externships- First edition-2010
*New Brochure : Garden State Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation ( LSAMP)
*LSAMP-MAPS official Website
*Photos of meetings *Collaboration with the MAST , NOYCE programs
*LSAMP-MAPS Senior Award : for academic excellence and participation
Supported by GS-LSAMP
12 students working with WPUNJ faculty
3 students : Clinical Research at St Joseph Hospital, Paterson, NJ
Supported by LSAMP-MAPS ,funded by Dr. Nina Jemmott ,Provost office
3 students: Clinical Research at St Joseph Hospital, Paterson, NJ
1 student: Achieve Physical Therapy, Wycoff, NJ
1 student: Hospice of NJ , St Joseph, Wayne NJ
1 student: Madalian chiropractic & Physical Therapy, Wayne, NJ
Funded by Dr. Sandy DeYoung
1 students at Kessler Rehabilitation Research Institute, West orange NJ
1 student: with Robert Benno, Biology Department
From MAPS links and Announcements:
Students applied and succeeded in getting in:
2 students: With Dr Risley, Biology Department, FAG funded
Mount Sinai Medical School,NYC, Biomedical Sciences- Research Experience ( 1 student)
Northeast Regional Alliance (NERA) MedPrep Scholars Program, UMDNJ ( 2 student)

What have we learned this year?
Monthly meetings are important for News, Information, Scholarships. Internships, Speakers
Osteopathic Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, are very good options as a career in Medicine
Study Abroad is an option for a career in Medicine
Teaching Science is a very rewarding career in Science
Biology combined with MBA , good option
Teaching as a career is being promoted with several academic scholarships
Grades matter
The Science Enrichment center is of great value to all
The SEC help improve grades
The SEC help with MCAT, GRE, DAT etc.
The SEC help with a medical career goal
The SEC help with a teaching career goal
Internships are important
Medical shadowing experiences are important
Being involved “ out of the classroom” is important
Being an officer in MAPS or GALEN is important
Helping others is important
Planning is important
Making time for meetings is important
Research is important
* Knowing and talking to Professors is important