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Garden State-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (GS-LSAMP)
Sixth Annual Edition


Minority Association of Premedical Students (MAPS) 

 Celebrating Student Research Activities


Sixth Annual Edition

 Research Internships

William Paterson University  Biology Department

Adonis Rivie, ISSBB Scholar, Biology Biotechnology Club ( BBT)  President

Mentors: Dr.  Kevin Martus ( Physics) and  Dr.  Jaishri Menon

Title: Plasma Treatment Accelerates Tail Regeneration in Tadpole, Xenopus laevis

 Unnati Chauhan ISSBB scholar, BBT officer and  Daniel Lupo ISSBB scholar, MAPS officer

Mentor: Dr. Emily Monroe

Title: Effect of High Light Intensity on Polyketide Synthase Gene Expression in the Florida Red Tide Dinoflagellate, Karenia brevis

 Neal Joshi, ISSBB scholar, Alec DeGraaf, Noor Eldabagh , ISSBB scholar

Mentor: Dr. Jeung Woon Lee

Title: Transplantation of islet of Langerhans cells reverses diabetic hyperglycemia in mice with diabetes mellitus type-1

 Ammar Ali, ISSBB scholar, Minority Association of Premedical Students ( MAPS) President

Mentor: Dr. Kendall Martin

Title: Designing TaqMan Probes to quantify species-specific conifer DNA in real-time PC

 Barbara Abboud

Mentor: Dr. David Gilley

Title: Quantitate Natural Levels of a Foraging Pheromone within Foraging Honey Bee

 Patrick Fardella

Mentor: Dr. Emily Monroe\

Title: Genomic Investigations of Natural Product Rich Marine Cyanobacteria

 Alison Caceres

Mentors: Dr. Carey Waldburger and Dr. David Slaymaker

Title: Genetic Structure of Native and Restored Populations of American Beachgrass

(Ammophila breviligulata Fern.) Along the New Jersey Coast

 Rebecca Atencio and  Erin Connor, ISSBB scholars

Mentor: Dr. Jeung . Woon  Lee

Title: The Role of Cortisol in Mediating  the Pain Response of Children with Austism Spectrum Disorder as Modeled in BTBR T+ tf/J Mice

De Graaf, Alec . Joshi, N., Eldabagh, N.

Mentor : Dr.J.W. Leee

Title: Xenotransplantion of Islet of Langerhan cells from Sprague Dawley rat to diabetic C57 mouse to reverse diabetes-induced hyperglycemia

 Noor Eldabagh, ISSBB scholar

Mentor: Dr.  Jeung Woon Lee

Title: Transplantation of islet of Langerhans cells reverses diabetic hyperglycemia

in mice with diabetes mellitus type-1

 Brittany Simon, FHP President

Mentor: Dr. Carey Waldburger

Title: Studying PhoQ-PhoOP Signal Transduction System in E.coli

William Paterson University: Physics  Department

Joyce June ,ISSBB scholar

Mentor: Dr. Kevin Martus

Title: Helium Plasma Exposures: Analysis of the Variation in Tadpole Tail Regeneration and PC12 Neuronal Growth


William Paterson University: Chemistry Department

Bryant Catano, ISSBB Scholar

Mentor: Dr. Yalan Xing

Title: Transition Metal Catalyzed Functionalization of Terminal Alkynes


Benjamin Onyechi, Qiaxian Johnson and Swetha Matam

Mentor: Dr. Bhanu Chauhan

Title: A New Approach to Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes Decorated With Metal Complexes and Nanoparticles

 William Paterson University: Environmental Sciences Department

Bryan Gonzalez

Mentor : Dr. Michael Griffiths

Title: Reconstructing seawater Sr/Ca through the late Phanerozoic from fossil shark teeth

 Daniel Pagano

Mentor, Dr. Martin Becker

Title: A Tale of two submerged cities: Modern sharks in an ancient forest, ancient sharks in a modern forest. An observable model of sea level change.

 Nicole Kern

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Callanan

Title: Clay Mineral Weathering in the Post-Fire Environment

 Ralph Scimeca

Mentor: Dr. Martin Becker

Title: Fish remains from the Tallahatta–Lisbon Formation Contact (Middle Eocene–Lutetian) Pigeon Creek, Covington County, Alabama

University of Maryland

Horn Point Laboratory

Center for Environmental Science

 Adrian Plummer , ISSBB scholar

Mentors: Dr.  Jamie Pierson, and Dr.  Louis Plough.

Title :Consequences of Diversification among Acartia tonsa in the Chesapeake Bay

William Paterson University: Noyce Internship

Ian Campbell

Computer Science Major

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 This is the  seventh   year the Garden State Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation ( GS-LSAMP) program has put together such publication in order to recognize the research efforts and successes by William Paterson University science majors.

  As in previous years,  Summer Research Internships and Externships have provided students with the opportunity to work on or off campus, in a laboratory or in their field of  interest , under the supervision of a faculty. Such opportunity has allowed them to experience firsthand “how scientists work” and how to conduct scientific research. Many actively participated in specific projects, learn new techniques including the use of elaborate laboratory equipment, computer -assisted analyses, animal husbandry and handling, to name a few. Others have spent their summers volunteering or shadowing physicians in Hospitals and Health Clinics. Such internship has proven to be a valuable asset for students applying to Graduate or Professional school, or in job placement or career selection following graduation.  

Many of the students included in this publication are ISSBB ( Increasing Student Success in Biology and Biotechnology)  scholars , an NSF funded scholarship to promote research and teaching careers among Biology and Biotechnology majors.. All the summer interns have presented their summer experience at one of our monthly, well attended,  meetings in the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015  semesters. Additionally, several GS-LSAMP students presented their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium which took place at WPU in April 2014.  Others have gone to Regional meetings, including GS-LSAMP Annual STEM   meeting at Rutgers ( October 2014), National meetings ( Society for Neuroscience, October 2014) , ERN meeting in Washington DC ( March 2015)   to present their work and have received major recognition for their research.  Most of these abstracts or summaries are in their own words and represent an honest and candid account of their work. Other abstracts are more formal and were presented at a national scientific meeting.

These summer internships would not have been possible without the support of the Biology , Chemistry and Environmental Sciences faculty who have volunteered to mentor our students.  Others have provided contacts for off campus opportunities. 

This past summer, GS-LSAMP was able to provide stipends to 15 students. This support  as well as this publication would not be possible without the support of Dr. Kenneth Wolf , Dean of CSH and of  Dr. Jean Fuller-Stanley, Associate Dean of CSH, LSAMP project director at WPU.   Many thanks  to  the Provost,  Dr.Waren Sandmann ,  for providing the additional funding which was needed.  Thanks  to his support, an additional 10 students were funded.  A total of 25 students  were involved. A big thank you as well to Rita Levine  for assisting  in all matters related to GS-LSAMP and  to Andres Salazar of the Science Enrichment Center for his technical and graphic  support with this manuscript. 

 We hope that next’s year publication will include many more interns and mentors.

 Dr. Danielle Desroches


Human Physiology and Neuro-endocrinology, PhD

Anatomy and Physiology Coordinator

Minority Association of Pre Medical Students ( MAPS)  Coordinator

Biology Biotechnology Club ( BBC)   Faculty Co Advisor

Increasing Student Success in Biology and Biotechnology ( ISSBB) Head Mentor

Garden State Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority in Sciences, ( GS-LSAMP)  Academic Coordinator   (973) 720-2329