What have we done this past year?
Summer 2007 Interns presentations
*Monthly meetings in S200B
*Increased student attendance
*Increased student participation
* New Officers in MAPS and Galen
*Habitat for Humanity ( SGA award )
* ISSBB scholars participation
* New Flyers on MAPS, LSAMP and GALEN Pre-Professional flyers
* LSAMP-MAPS official website

What have we learned this year?
Monthly meetings are important for News, Information, Scholarships.
* Internships, Speakers Education Debt is GOOD debt = It is an investment in your future
* Podiatry is a very good option as a career in Medicine
* Teaching Science is a very rewarding career in Science
* Teaching as a career is being promoted with several academic scholarships
* Grades matter The Science Enrichment center is of great value to all
* The SEC help improve grades
* The SEC help with MCAT, GRE, DAT etc.
* The SEC help with a medical career goal
* The SEC help with a teaching career goal
* Internships are important Medical shadowing experiences are important
* Being involved “ out of the classroom” is important
* Being an officer in MAPS or GALEN is important
* Helping others is important
* Planning is important
* Making time for meetings is important
* Research is important
* Knowing and talking to Professors is important
* Dr. Danielle Desroches, Biology Department