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Windows 7 End-of-Life

Windows 7 End of Life

Attention William Paterson community: You may have heard that Windows 7 is reaching end of life.  This means that Microsoft will no longer release critical security patches or bug fixes for the legacy Operating System.  Without critical security patches, your PC and the campus network are at greater risk from malware and other threats.  At WPUNJ we consider the security of information and our technology infrastructure to be one of our highest priorities.  To that end, we have transitioned our standard campus Windows PC image to use Windows 10.   

If you have a university-provided Windows 7 desktop or laptop computer, please be aware that a representative from IT will be reaching out in the coming weeks and months.  We will work with you to upgrade your current device to Windows 10 or discuss procuring a replacement.  If you would like to take care of this now, simply open a ticket in  or call our Helpdesk at 973-720-4357.  

April 01, 2019