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Control Departmental Xerox devices with Pharos Uniprint

In an effort to contribute to a more environmentally friendly campus and reduce printing costs while also providing employees with the flexibility to print from any device,

Information Technology is in the process of implementing the Pharos Uniprint system on departmental Xerox multifunction devices.  

Pharos Uniprint has been in use as the print release system for students in public computer labs and other campus printing locations for several years. Utilizing Uniprint, faculty and staff will have a variety of options for both submitting and releasing print jobs to departmental Xerox printers, including uploading documents for print from personal computers and securely releasing printed documents with an ID card. 

Please view the video below for more information on Pharos Uniprint on departmental Xerox devices. 

To schedule your department’s Xerox device to be upgraded with Pharos Uniprint, please contact Pam Fueskho at 

April 18, 2018