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Oomf Charging Devices Available for Check-out

On campus and need a quick charge for your mobile device? Check out one of the Oomf devices available at multiple locations across campus.


Information Technology has Oomf charging devices ready for checkout at these locations:

  • Library 120 (Media Services)
  • Atrium 120 (Printer Room)
  • Hobart Hall 116 (Technical Services Window)
  • Science East 3054 (Printer Room)
  • Valley Road 1040 (Printer Room)

The Oomf company requires a credit card to activate the devices, however the first 24 hours are free. Fees only apply if the Oomf Mini is not returned to a charging base station at any of the listed locations within 24-hours.

For more information on where to find and how to use an Oomf, go to and search for Oomf or watch our video. 

November 29, 2017