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Coming Soon: Duo Multifactor Authentication for Students

During the spring 2019 semester, the university implemented Duo multifactor authentication for all active faculty and staff employees. Multifactor authentication helps to increase account security by requiring more than just a username and password to access an account; you also need a second method to authenticate, usually through a text, application notification to a smart phone or tablet device, or phone call. 

In the coming months, the university will begin the rollout of Duo to WP student accounts. This will allow students to secure their WPconnect portal logins and WPUNJ email account access with multifactor authentication. With Duo, students will login to WPconnect and their WP email (through Office 365) with their WP username and password as usual but followed by a prompt to validate the login by approving a notification through the Duo Mobile app or entering a temporary passcode. 

Stay tuned for additional information on the availability of Duo - and how student accounts will be able to enroll in Duo protection – in the upcoming weeks. 

November 18, 2019