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WebEx Video Conferencing Room Kits

Cisco WebEx room kits are teleconferencing devices that uses standard presentation technology which may be used with Webex or Zoom sessions.  The room kit contains a high-resolution camera, speakers and microphone. Associated to each room kit is a Cisco Touch 10 controller which provides a user interface for operating the room kit.  

Cisco WebEx room kits are currently set up in the following locations on campus: 

  • Atrium - Room 127 
  • College Hall - Rooms 145, 202, 204, and 212 
  • Cheng Library - Room 226 
  • Morrison Hall - Admissions Conference Room, Registrar’s Conference Room 
  • Shea Center - Rooms 150 and 151 
  • 1800 Valley Road - Board Room 

February 28, 2021