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Dropbox for Mac and Integration with Office 365

Faculty and staff with university-imaged Mac computers have access to an official WPUNJ Dropbox account.

Once the Dropbox account has been set up on a faculty or staff member’s Mac, the files in specific folder locations (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Photos and Music) will be set to automatically synchronize with an account on

A WPUNJ Dropbox account allows for:

  • the automatic backup of the folders specified above without user intervention
  • secure, cloud-based access to view and edit synchronized files and folders through
  • the ability to share files with others for document collaboration
  • the ability to restore prior versions of files or folders, even those that have been accidentally deleted
  • files are accessible at classroom podiums via web browser

Additionally, files synchronized with Dropbox can be securely viewed and edited using Microsoft Office 365 (at; available to all university employees and students.) The video below demonstrates how to access Dropbox accounts through Office 365.

Recent examples that demonstrate the benefit of Dropbox for Mac: two WP employees with WPUNJ Dropbox accounts set up on their university Mac computers experienced accidental damage and hardware failures that resulted in the complete loss of their hard drives. With the Dropbox synchronization, their files were able to be restored with no data loss. For one employee, more than 700GB of critical files were recovered and restored once the hardware failure was resolved.

If you have a university Mac and have not yet been set up with a WPUNJ Dropbox account, you can request assistance with the initial setup by calling the Helpdesk at 973-720-HELP (4357) or through 

April 18, 2018