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Adobe Creative Cloud Access for WP Employees, Computer Labs

Starting with the 2019 release of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Adobe has changed the licensing model for Adobe products from device to user based. This change means that WP students and employees will now be prompted to login to Adobe Creative Cloud when launching the newest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud applications on university-owned office and lab computers. 

The university's Adobe Creative Cloud licensing allows current WPUNJ faculty and staff to use the Adobe software on up to two devices (university or personally-owned) and current students to use the software in any university computer lab. 

For university owned computers, faculty and staff should update any Adobe Creative Cloud software installed on their 'office' computers through the Software Center (Windows) or Managed Software Center (Mac.) Public computer labs will be updated by Information Technology. 

When Adobe software is launched and you are prompted to login to Creative Cloud, use your WPUNJ email and select the "Enterprise ID" option to authenticate through the WPconnect logon screen. For more information on how to sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud, go to the ITWiki and search for “Adobe Creative Cloud” 

Please note: for employee home use of Adobe software, this licensing replaces the Adobe Work At Home software previously available through Information on how to access the current home use software is available on the ITWiki ( by searching for Home Use Software 

Please contact the WP Information Technology Help Desk at or 973.720.4357 with any questions. 

November 18, 2019