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Meet 25LivePRO – 25Live's New Look

As of November 6th, 25Live had a new name and look – 25 LivePRO.  Your login and password will still be your WPU credentials.   The major changes to the room scheduling system are the look and navigation.  The tabs across the top of the dashboard have gone away.  Quick Search is available from the dashboard along with allowing you to “Star” your most frequent searches for Events and Locations.   

There is also a new single page Event Form for Creating Events.  No more having to select “next” to move through the form.  When selecting a location, the system will immediately indicate if a space is unavailable for the time selected and will not allow that space to be chosen.  All Event Requests remain “Tentative” until CONFIRMED by the Scheduler of the space.  A Confirmation will be sent by the Scheduler when all the requirements for the event are accepted as requested.  All of your Upcoming Events in which you are the Requestor will be viewable on the dashboard for easy access. 

All options for creating Events are the same including multiple days, times and locations.  There are new instructions on how to select those options, so please take a moment to review them before submitting your request. 

Students must be authorized to access 25LivePro.  If they are involved in a student club, they must complete the Leadership Academy hosted by Campus Activities, Service and Leadership (CASL).  If a student worker needs access because of the requirements of the department they work in, a Helpdesk ticket can be entered by the department Director, Chair, or Secretary requesting access to be given to the student.  Questions can be directed to Events and Conference services at or by entering a Helpdesk ticket. 

November 18, 2019