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Coming Soon: Multifactor Authentication using Duo Security

You are likely aware that many online services now offer multifactor authentication (also known as two-factor or multifactor verification.) Multifactor authentication increases account security by requiring more than just a username and password to access an account; you also need a second method to authenticate, usually through a text, application notification to a smart phone or tablet device, or phone call.

Because passwords no longer provide strong enough security for access to accounts and university data, William Paterson will be implementing Duo multifactor authentication to protect individual accounts as well as improve the University’s overall online security. Much like other forms of multifactor authentication in use with online banking sites, shopping and personal email accounts, the new Duo multifactor authentication system will provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that only you login to your account.

This fall, the WPconnect portal, along with other associated university systems, will be the first of the university’s services to require Duo authentication for employees. This means that you will enter your WP username and password as usual, and will then be prompted to validate your login by choosing a notification through the Duo Mobile app, a phone call, or a text in order to complete your login to WPConnect. In the near future, Duo authentication will also be required for access to your university email.

Duo rollout to student accounts will occur in Spring 2019. Please keep your eye out for further announcements about multifactor authentication from Information Technology.

October 17, 2018