Welcome to Wayne Dining Hall


"Transitioning to a better tomorrow"

Welcome to the newly renovated Wayne Dining Hall, the highlight food destination on campus. Whether you are stopping by for a quick study break or grabbing dinner after classes, we got you covered. Our state-of-the-art dining hall has 9 different stations that were created to add variety, display different cultural meals, maximize customization, and much more.

  • Under the Hood – Always burgers and fries, cheesesteaks, grilled chicken, black bean burgers, etc.
  • Sandwich Lab – Always made to order sandwiches, specials (pork belly, jerk chicken, buffalo chicken, etc.)
  • Global Exchange – Highlights different cultural meals (ramen bowls, create your own pasta, Latin themed nights, etc.)
  • True Balance – Our allergen friendly station offers students with the top 9 allergens a safe place to enjoy a meal. We also have a campus dietitian, Kayla Kirschner, that helps with any allergy related questions or concerns if needed.*
  • Salad Bar – Always build your own salad station, assorted composed salads that change daily, fruits and veggies, yogurt, overnight oats, etc.
  • Iron Skillet – This station rotates between all-day breakfast and shawarma options throughout the week. Omelets, breakfast sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, gyros, shawarma, kebabs, and much more.
  • Root – Always a vegetarian option for our students who do not eat meat options. Tofu bowls, chickpea salads, and much more.
  • Trattoria – Hand stretched pizza, accompanied with pasta, and stromboli options available. Rotating specials (Buffalo chicken pizza, zeppole’s, etc.)
  • Proof – Our dessert station that offers a variety of options (cake, cookies, pies, etc.)

 Resident students and commuter students alike should consider meal plan options to get the most out of their college experience. Dining calendars, pop-up events, retail promotions, and appreciation events are all bonus things that meal plan owners can take advantage of on campus. There is a meal plan option that fits all students' schedule and needs, and some even start at just $95!

* Although our team reviews each recipe, the possibility for cross-contact in a largely self-serve community setting does still exist. Due to the nature of open kitchen environments, we cannot guarantee that any food item will be completely free of a specific food allergen. If an allergen-free choice is required, guests should contact the on-site manager to discuss their unique dietary needs and request a packaged selection instead of one prepared and served with other foods.

Please click the play button on the video above to view a fast time-lapse video of Wayne Dining Hall's transformation!