Program Overview

Assessment of basic skills proficiency for entry into baccalaureate degree programs at William Paterson University is conducted through administration of the computerized Accuplacer test, which includes sections on Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills and Algebra, and a written essay.

The test is required of: 

A. Students accepted as new freshmen whose credentials warrant evaluation.
B. Transfer students who have not demonstrated proficiency on an equivalent placement test or have not completed suitable Engilsh/mathematics courses at their previous institution.
C. International and non-degree students.

Students needing remediation in any of these areas are placed in appropriate courses to develop essential basic academic skills. Satisfaction of basic skills requirements by testing or coursework, is prerequisite to all English and mathematics courses, as well as some General Education courses. The Office of Testing maintains a list of these General Education courses. The Office of Testing is located in Hunziker Wing, Room 220 and may be reached by calling 973-720-3107. Basic skills courses appear on the student's transcript, but do not count toward the credits required for a baccalaureate degree. However, these institutional credits are included in determining students' class level (freshman, sophomore, etc.), in defining their full-time status, and for financial aid purposes.

Students who need remediation must successfully complete all assigned basic skills courses during their first two semesters at the University. Students who do not do so will be permitted to enroll in basic skills classes only in subsequent semesters, regardless of their GPA, until they successfully complete all these courses.

Students who take more than two semesters to complete all assigned basic skills courses will be notified at the end of the second semester.

Those students who fail a basic skills course twice, or fail two different basic skills courses, will be reviewed by the appropriate basic skills coordinator(s).

Students who require basic skills English or reading will be limited to a program of 13 credits. Students who require basic skills mathematics only will be limited to a program of 15 credits.

The Basic Skills faculty provides effective remedial instruction in reading, writing and algebra to students demonstrating a need for this instruction. Additionally, William Paterson University provides individual and small group tutorial support via centers housed on the campus. The centers are: The Academic Support Center, The Writing Center and the Science Enrichment Center. These centers are staffed by well-trained master tutors who hold undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The William Paterson University Basic Skills Placement Test is administered to prospective students on an ongoing basis. Students who have confirmed their acceptance to the William Paterson University Admissions Office will receive a letter from the Office of Testing with their scheduled test date and time. Only tested students will be invited to an Orientation and Registration Program. Since test results determine whether you are placed in basic skills courses or college-level courses, it is recommended you brush up on your skills prior to taking the test.