Enrollment Verification

In order for financial aid to disburse, the University must document that you have begun attendance in your courses. At the beginning of each semester professors will be asked to electronically report if you attending your courses. If you are not reported as attending your courses, your financial aid may need to be adjusted before we disburse your funds. 


An Enrollment Verification Hold will be placed on your Financial Aid record until the Enrollment Verification process is completed. 


We will monitor the roster verification process, and if necessary, make downward adjustments to aid. For instance, if you are borrowing student loans, you must be confirmed in at least 6 credit hours. State Grant programs (TAG, EOF, GUS, NJSTARS II) and most scholarships require you to be confirmed in at least 12 credit hours (full-time). Federal Pell Grants allow for part-time study at reduced award amounts.


For Online Courses: To complete roster verification for online courses, faculty will assign and collect an academic activity at the beginning of the semester to verify your attendance. This task must be completed in order for a faculty member to verify your attendance.