Strategic Enrollment Management

The goal of the WPU Strategic Enrollment Management Committee will be to help William Paterson University develop its strategic objectives with respect to admissions, recruitment, retention and graduation rates of all students at the University.   The Committee is an an ongoing advisory body to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and the Campus Community.

The Committee is charged to:

  • Catalog the various enrollment and retention initiatives currently in planning or practice at William Paterson University.  Ensure that these initiatives are adequately supported and recognized in the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Identify attrition triggers and implement interventions to encourage student enrollment and movement toward degree completion.
  • The Committee will be expected to utilize a data-driven decision –making process.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of new initiatives designed to meet the goals of the WPU Enrollment Management Committee.
  • Report to the College Community  on the activities of the Committee, the outcomes of implemented enrollment management strategies, the overall enrollment, retention and graduation rate of undergraduate and graduate students at the University.
  • Develop a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan for William Paterson University.
  • Determine the resources needed to implement the various phases and strategies of the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
  • Establish priorities for the implementation of the strategies identified within the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.

The Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Enrollment Management and made up of individuals representing the administration, the faculty, the staff, the Faculty Senate Admissions and Enrollment Management Council, the undergraduate and graduate students.