Pedagogy Workshop Recordings

Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment


CTE co-hosted the following event with the COSH, Creating An Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment. At the event, College of Science and Health faculty members presented strategies they learned while enrolled in the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) micro-credential course during the Spring, 2021 semester. Click here for the PowerPoint slides.

Engaging Critical Pedagogy, Race, and Racism


CTE, in a collaboration with the College of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, hosted a virtual panel, Engaging Critical Pedagogy, Race, and Racism. The Panel features a guest panelist from CUNY Graduate Center, Dr. Ira Shor, a critical pedagogue who co-authored, A Pedagogy of Liberation, with Paulo Freire and several other groundbreaking texts on critical pedagogy and critical literacy. He is joined by two WPU faculty members, Dr. Djanna Hill and Dr. David Fuentes, moderated by Dr. Elizabeth Brown. The panelists gathered to discuss a recent publication and their impressions on critical pedagogy in the 21st Century.