Pedagogy Workshops

Center for Teaching Excellence workshops are open to all William Paterson instructors, whether full time or part time.  Workshop topics, dates, times, and locations will be posted on CTE Events Calendar and also communicated through WP Announcements.

Fall 2021 Pedagogy Workshops:

"Engaging 21st Century Students and the Promise of Academic Success" led by David Fuentes and Elizabeth Brown

Click Here for PowerPoint Presentation

Fall 2019 Pedagogy Workshops:

"Teaching Underprepared Students” Panelists: Mark Ellis (Sociology and Criminal Justice), Emily Monroe (Biology), Sean Molloy (English)

Spring 2019 Pedagogy Workshops:

"Information Literacy: Teaching Students Beyond Googling" led by Cara Berg, Gamin Bartle and Colleen Eren

"How to Create a Democratic and Inclusive Classroom" co-sponsored with The Social Justice Project

"Teaching and Learning Inside: College in Prison" organized by Gennifer Furst, Cynthia Lee-Williams and Colleen Eren and Co-sponsored by Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Fall 2018 Pedagogy Workshops:

"Cell Phones in Class: What Should We Do?" led by Wendy Christensen and Fanny Lauby. 

"Creative Assignments" led by Nicole Davi, Murli Natrajan and Angie Yoo

Spring 2018 Pedagogy Workshops:

Demystifying New Course Development and Proposal Writing

Are you thinking of developing a new course? Would you like to write a successful course proposal? A panel of curriculum committee chairs and members from all 5 Colleges will offer tips on course proposal writing.

Panelists: Dr. Loretta McLaughlin-Vignier (CoAC), Dr. Cesar Perez (CoB), Dr. Sandra Alon (CoE), Dr. Wendy Christensen (CoHSS), Dr. Racine Emmons Hidelong (CoSH), Dr. Lynn Orr (UCC)

Fall 2017 Pedagogy Workshop:

 "Beyond Apps: What Our  Students Really Need to Know about Technology?" led by Dr. Gamin Bartle, Director of Instruction & Research Technology.

Co-sponsored by Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Available to watch online: Click here