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Creating Interactive Engagement During Online Classes

"How to Make Breakout Rooms Work Better" (December 10, 2020. The Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

Beth Mcmurtrie, senior writer at the Chronicles summarizes faculty readers’ tips for making breakout rooms less awkward and more productive.

“How to Play in the College Classroom in a Pandemic, and Why You Should.”  (The Chronicle of Higher Ed. 2/9/2021)

Sara Rose Cavanagh writes about ways to introduce elements of “play” into the classroom and lighten things up.

"How to Make Your Teaching More Engaging" (by Sara Rose Cavanagh, The Chronicle of Higher Ed. March 11, 2019)

This Chronicle’s article provides an understanding of some of the principles helpful to increase interests, energy, and enthusiasm among students.

"How to Hold a Better Class Discussion" (May 23, 2019. The Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

Jay Howard covers topics such as strategies to change the norms of class discussions, keeping the discussion on track, participation grades, and handling divisive topics. This is written in-person classroom settings in mind, but some tips could be used for online classes.

General Teaching Resources

Pedagogy of Cult is a blog site run by Jennifer Gonzalez and her team offering various teaching tips through blog, video, and podcast.

International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI)
International Center for Academic Integrity website has a wealth of information and resources about academic integrity. This page for example lists ten ways to improve academic integrity.

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