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Human motion research lab housed in grant hall on William Paterson University’s main campus is a state of the art motion capture lab. To learn more about Dr. Wicke click here to view his profile. As director Dr. Jason Wicke focuses on student driven research that encompasses all aspects of Kinesiology ranging from all aspects of sports studies to rehabilitative studies. In addition, Dr. Wicke utilizes the lab to provide practical, hands-on experiences in his classes for students in Athletic Training, Biology, Exercise Science, Physical Education, Sport Management and Sports Medicine.


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Lab Equipment

20 OptiTrack™ Prime 17W high-speed infrared cameras – captures motion at 250 frames per second.

2 Bertec™ (pf6090) force plates – captures high impact forces up to 10,000N

TC2-19B™ 3D body scanner – captures whole body measurements to an accuracy of under 1 milimeter.

Velotron™ cycle ergometer – to analyze power, technique and other factors during cycling.

Landice™ cardio treadmill.

Biomechanical Software:

   Motive™ motion capture system by Optitrack™




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Dr. Wicke Headshot Dr. Jason Wicke
Program Director/Professor, Department of Kinesiology