Strategic Plan

The following is a summary of the strategic goals for the program: 

  1. To achieve graduate program excellence by  
    1. continuing to meet or exceed the standards established by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech- Language Pathology (CAA) 
    2. providing a graduate curriculum that is current and which provides the knowledge and skills necessary for ASHA certification 
    3. promoting faculty research and scholarship 
    4. strengthening graduate student research 
    5. ensuring the fulfillment of degree requirements and timely graduation. 
  2. To achieve undergraduate program excellence by  
    1. providing students with a rigorous preprofessional course of study that prepares them for graduate work in speech-language pathology, audiology or other related professions 
    2. promoting student success and timely graduation through individualized advisement and continuous curriculum review. 
  3. To achieve clinical excellence by  
    1. providing graduate students with clinical experiences across the lifespan with individuals from diverse backgrounds 
    2. providing services to the community at large 
    3. creating opportunities for inter-professional experiences 
    4. strengthening professional development for clinical educators who provide graduate student training.