Master of Science in Biotechnology

Preparing YOU for success.

The Masters of Science in Biotechnology is a 30-credit applied science graduate program that prepares you for a successful career in or further advancement in the exciting and evolving fields of biotechnology - including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and biomedical industries, government and academic research laboratories, forensic sciences, food and cosmetic industries, and agricultural biotechnology. You will receive in-depth theoretical training in molecular biology, research methods, and project management, as well as extensive hands-on training in recombinant DNA technologies including CRISPR/Cas-9, gene expression analyses, genomics and bioinformatics, plant and animal cell/tissue culture, and advanced protein methodologies. Elective courses are available in the sciences (e.g. immunology, pharmacology, virology, and human physiology) or in Business and/or Professional Communications to promote the “soft skills” that will make you more attractive on the job market and for career advancement (e.g. management theory, organizational communication, and leadership and teamwork). 

  • Two year completion is the norm, but completion in one and a half years (three semesters and one summer) is available.
  • Graduate Assistantships with tuition waivers are awarded on a competitive basis. 
  • Work experience or internship credits can be applied toward 3-credits of required coursework.
  • Faculty-mentored Thesis research options are available.

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For further information contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Michael Peek, at 973.720.2247 or or Graduate Admissions.

For current students the following forms are available for: thesis credits and independent study.