Strategic Mission

Strategic Missions of the former, contributing Colleges in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The strategic mission of the former College of Arts and Communication: The college is dedicated to sustaining a fertile environment for creative exploration and critical thinking, benefiting of our students, while fostering the academic and professional excellence of the College’s award winning faculty. Essential to this mission and linked to both the University and College strategic plan is the holistic delivery of COAC degree offerings of the highest quality by an engaged, diverse and progressive faculty while ensuring the preparation and education of students seeking careers in the diverse fields of the Arts and Communication in a comprehensive liberal arts setting embracing the very best ideals in multidisciplinary, post-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches to the arts and communication in higher education.

The strategic mission of the former College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences: The college is dedicated to the primacy of the liberal arts in higher education and to the advancement of knowledge. Its programs provide insight into the past, critically examine contemporary issues, and explore answers for the future, while promoting the value of diversity. With an on-going commitment to quality and innovative pedagogical practice, the College incorporates experiential learning, interdisciplinary opportunities, and international perspectives. The College also plays a key role in ensuring that William Paterson University students gain foundational knowledge and a deeper appreciation of diversity and justice, community and civic engagement, and global awareness through its course offerings. The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences strives to prepare students with the research, communication, and analytical skills integral to building careers, pursuing advanced academic studies, and cultivating responsible citizenship in an increasingly global and complex world.