Department of Languages and Cultures


The mission of the Department of Languages and Cultures is to develop the language skills, linguistic knowledge, and cultural awareness necessary to prepare students to become responsible and effective citizens of the world and to provide academic training in fields involving language, literature, and culture.

Learn more about each of our programs:

  • BA in Asian Studies - East Asian concentration
  • BA in Asian Studies - South Asian concentration
  • BA in Asian Studies - Chinese Language Track
  • BA in Asian Studies - Japanese Language Track
  • BA in Spanish
  • Minor in Asian Studies
  • Minor in International Cinema
  • Minor in Linguistics
  • Minor in Spanish
  • Minor in Spanish for the Professions
  • Minor in World Literature
  • MEd in Curriculum and Learning
  • Graduate Certification Program: Bilingual
  • Graduate Certification Program: Teaching English as a Second Language

A BA degree in languages and cultures gives students competence in a foreign language and familiarity with foreign cultures. These qualities make graduates competitive hires in companies with international interests. The MEd degree and the various certifications offered by the department prepare graduates to become teachers in a variety of language subjects, many of which are in high demand in the state of New Jersey.


Spanish - BA Mission Statement 

The mission of the Spanish program is to enhance in its students, oral and written skills in the Spanish language, to foster a strong awareness of the multicultural and multiethnic Spanish-speaking world, and to promote critical and communicative skills applicable to diverse professional endeavors. 


Spanish - BA Goals  

  1. The Program will foster the development of an Advanced Low or higher level of proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and understanding Spanish. 
  2.  The Program will promote development of advanced-level knowledge of grammar. 
  3. The Program will foster competencies in reading and understanding cultural and literary texts. 
  4. The Program will facilitate consciousness of the cultural, political, and social-historical context of cultural creation.  
  5. The Program will cultivate mastery of research, methodological, and interpretative strategies. 


Spanish - BA Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will show an Advanced Low or higher level of proficiency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Spanish. 
  2. Students will display understanding of grammatical structures and will apply this knowledge in oral and written practice. 
  3. Students will demonstrate ability to understand cultural and literary  texts 
  4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the socio-political and historical contexts of texts and cultural production. 
  5. Students will exhibit ability to seek out information, examine assumptions and premises, and write meaningful conclusions based upon objective facts. 

The Bilingual - ESL Grad Program Mission Statement 

The mission of the Bilingual/ESL Graduate Program is to prepare educators to teach linguistically diverse learners through courses that balance current theory and practical experience and foster the development of knowledge and skills needed to support these learners in their development of proficiency and literacy in both their home language(s) and English.phy  



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Elio Hernández Urias.JPG

Elio will be working in the business sector while attending graduate school for a Masters in Marketing.

Elio Hernández Urias '20

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish & Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies


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Alianna López-2.jpg

Alianna will be seeking employment in education and human resources. She also plans to attend graduate school for a Master in Education.

Alianna López '19

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish & Minor in Psychology


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Jesenia Ramos.jpg

Jesenia will graduate this May and teach Spanish at Leonia High School.

Jesenia Ramos' 20

Leonia High School


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Melissa Villa.jpg

Melissa graduates this May and will start at Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School in Newark as a Bilingual teacher for the Second Grade.

Melissa Villa' 20

Bilingual Teacher


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Trevor Courtright .jpg

Trevor was a long-term Substitute Teacher and just got a new position as a Bilingual Science Teacher at Morristown High School.

Trevor Courtright' 19

Bilingual Science Teacher


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Grace Moreyra.jpeg

Grace is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of William Paterson University and will continue working as a Master Tutor at the Academic Support Center while she pursues her graduate studies.

Grace Moreyra '20

Accepted into the Masters in Secondary Education at William Paterson University


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Lupe Priego.jpg

Lupe plans to work in the Social Service sector and eventually do her Master’s degree.

Lupe Priego ' 20

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish


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Jennifer Sharari .jpg

Jennifer is the first College graduate in her family and plans to pursue a Masters in Higher Education while working part-time at a local university.

Jennifer Sharari '19

Bachelor of Arts, Spanish & Minor in Legal Studies, Summa Cum Laude